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UberEats or DoorDash?

Those two companies are the closest competitors and offer virtually the same thing. So how do they compare? Which one would you go with the next time you are watching Netflix on your couch and don't feel like venturing out?

Let's take a look at both of them and compare.

We will compare both services side-by-side: look at the website, technology options, delivery speed, and courtesy of delivery men to determine which one works better. Be sure to read this information carefully so you could choose your food delivery service.

When you first open UberEats, you land on the homepage where you have to enter your location. The service is available in over a dozen cities in the U.S. The company is looking to expand in the U.K as well. Once you enter your address you might be surprised that the list of participating restaurants is quite short, only about one page long.

If you are lucky and find the restaurant of your choice, the menu displayed is very comprehensive, the same as in-restaurant.

On top of your food charges and taxes, UberEats will charge you $4.99 delivery fee. This is quite steep if your order is from fast food, but this is the price to pay for your desire to stay put. If you order something more expensive, the fee like that won't be as noticeable. The delivery estimate outside of very busy times of the day is about 30 min in major cities. The fancier the restaurant, the longer the wait is going to be.

Probably the best thing about UberEats is their GPS tracking system. As soon as you send your order in, you will see a map with the restaurant and your location. As soon as the driver picks up your food, you will see his car moving ever closer to your house. This can speed things up if you are busy in the office or at home because you will be aware of when to expect the driver and your food.

You will also see the driver's phone number, so you can contact him if there are any changes. The rest of the stuff is very good: food comes fast, it is still hot, and the drivers are usually very friendly, even if they have to carry the delivery to the top of the building all the way to your desk.

The main problem with UberEats is the limited choice of restaurants, but that might get fixed in time.

Let’s look into DoorDash DoorDash and compare it to UberEats so you could choose your food delivery service.

If you live in the area with many choices of restaurants, this will be nicely reflected on their restaurant page. The list is long and the choices are endless. Once you narrow down the restaurant, the menu displayed will be the same as at UberEats

The delivery or "booking fee" from DoorDash might be smaller than UberEats. It all depends on the restaurant you are ordering from. In our comparison case, the fee from DoorDash was $1 less than UberEats.

Once you'll place an order, you won't get a map or a GPS tracking. This is the main drawback for DoorDash. You will be kept on track by an order progress bar, so you will know what is going on with your order.

You can edit your instructions any time after the order is placed and you don't have to call the driver to do that. Once you receive your food, you can provide a feedback for the restaurant and the delivery person, so don't hold anything back. A good feedback gives some bonuses to the drivers; they are very serious about asking for your opinion.

The food comes fast, it's still hot, and very rarely does anybody have any problems with the drivers. Overall, the experience is very similar to UberEats, except that you will have more restaurant choices and will quite possibly pay a little less.

The experience can vary of course. A lot depends on the city, the traffic, how busy the restaurant is, and many other variables. If you want to determine the positives and the negatives of both services for yourself, you should try them both. Not just that, try them both a few times before you know for certain. Good luck and enjoy!