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Top Ways to Save on Fast Food

Fast food industry is booming in the United States and around the world. It is worth nearly $200 billion here alone, and it's not hard to see why. Plentiful locations, convenience, and affordability together make a pretty sweet mix.

Let's look at some ways to not just save money, but get better quality and fresher food at these restaurants:


1. Make sure you ask for your breakfast sandwich to be made with a round egg instead of folded. Round egg tastes better and is healthier because it is made right in front of you in an egg ring. And it doesn't cost any extra.

2. Order double cheeseburger without ketchup and mustard, but with lettuce and special sauce instead. You will save a $2.30 and will get the same thing as a Big Mac.


1. You can choose two meats at no extra charge, because you will always pay for just one, the more expensive kind. This will make a really big burrito with lots of meat.

2. You can get extra rice for free or guacamole added at no cost if you don't want any meat.


1. Order short latte instead of tall, save $0.80, and get the same amount of caffeine.

2. Share a French Press instead of ordering two Grande drip coffees.


1. You could save $1.19 if you order 2 Junior Roast Beef sandwiches instead of just one regular size same sandwich. Great for sharing and less money.

2. If you have a bit of time, buy a sandwich, sit down, call the number on the back of the receipt, do a quick survey, get a gift code, get back in line, and get a free sandwich.

Domino's Pizza

1. You will save $10 if you will order a large, three-topping carry-out pizza with pineapple, ham, and roasted peppers instead of ordering the same size Honolulu pizza.

2. Call the restaurant and see if they have any undelivered or cancelled pizzas. You can get them at a seriously discounted price.


1. Order one Footlong, split it in half, and get each half customized. You will have to have the same meat and bread, but you can choose any condiments you want. This strategy will save you a couple of dollars.

2. Subway is celebrating its 50th year in business and letting customers get 50% more meat for just $0.50 extra, so take advantage of such option.

Burger King

1. You can get fresher sandwich if you ask for it to be customized. Change things up, get extras like pickles, and rest assured that your sandwich is fresh as your server won't want to un-wrap already prepared meal.

2. Ask for 'Off the broiler' sandwich and you will get the freshest ingredients. Servers will take a fresh patty and send it through instead of grabbing one that has been sitting on the warming tray for a while.

Taco Bell

1. Try ordering Triple Layer Nachos with no beans or sauce for $1.10, but don't get a small bag of chips with cheese for $1.30. You will get the better thing and will save $0.20.

2. You can add guacamole for $0.35 to everything and anything – a healthier option for cheap.


1. Order unsalted fries. This way you know they will be freshly cooked. You can always use a small packet of salt to make them to your liking.

2. Ordering unsalted fries will work at most fast food chain restaurants.