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Top Grocery-Delivery Services Worth Your Hard Earned Cash

Going to the grocery store can be a real chore for several reasons like the long lines, large crowds, and finding items out of stock. It is pretty obviously that we would all rather be doing something else. Thus, it comes as no surprise that grocery delivery services are only rising in popularity. Grocery and meal delivery services save you both time as well as money. Read on below for the top 6 grocery delivery services that are worth your money.

6. Instacart

Instacart is the best option for those looking to receive their groceries almost immediately after purchase. Presently, Instacart delivers to twenty six states including the District of Columbia and does so in one hour or less. Instacart is able to do so as it does not ship your food from large warehouses but rather hires freelance personal shoppers to bring your groceries from whichever supermarket you request such as Costco, Whole Foods, or Trader Joes. Sign up for the Instacart Express program to reap savings for utilizing the service regularly. An Instacart Express membership will cost $149 dollars annually, which breaks down to around $12.50 monthly. If you order your groceries through this service at least three times a month then the fee is well worth it. It basically pays for itself. Plus, any order over $35 receives free delivery otherwise the transport fee is $5.99 or $3.99 for non-rush orders. ($10 minimum orders) Instacart's fee is the absolute lowest of all personal grocery delivery services making it well worth the cash.

5. AmazonFresh

AmazonFresh is awesome because the service offers free delivery on any order over $40 dollars. However, there is a catch, members must pay a monthly fee of $14.99 in addition to their yearly Amazon Prime charge of $99 to utilize these grocery services. AmazonFresh is presently available in areas surrounding New York City, Philadelphia, Northern California, Southern California, and Seattle. While the service may be pricey, the products are competitively priced with great deals each week. Orders under $40 dollars will pay a delivery fee of $9.99. Do not let the extra charges scare you away from trying out AmazonFresh services as regular usage will add up in savings.

4. FreshDirect

FreshDirect offers its customers high-quality groceries from their favorite brands at the click of a button. Not to mention, brand new users of FreshDirect's services receive two months of deliveries for only one penny with the DeliveryPass! Unfortunately, FreshDirect is solely offered on the East Coast of the United States (at this time) including the following locations: New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut. Hamptons and Jersey Shore delivery is only available during the summer months. Once your sixty day trial ends, FreshDirect will offer you two seperate membership options, $79 for six months of deliveries($13.15 a month) or $129 for a year of deliveries ($10.75 a month). If you utilize these services regularly the subscription basically pays for itself.

3. Blue Apron

Blue Apron differs from the former three services as it is a cooking delivery company instead of a grocery delivery company. Blue Apron supplies its customers with both fresh ingredients as well as innovative yet delicious recipes on a weekly, biweekly, or month basis. Each ingredient is pre-portioned to meet each meals specifications making cooking super easy, convenient, and fun. Plus, this cooking delivery service is available nationwide. There are several different accessible price points within Blue Apron from their single person plan to entire family plan. Prices may vary on Blue Apron but an entire family plan consisting on two meals per week for one month will cost $69.92 while a family plan receiving four meals per week for one month will cost $149.84. Shipping is always free and weeks can be skipped at any time. Equally about $8 - $10 per person per meal to learn how to gourmet cook. Blue Apron simplifies grocery shopping, meal-prepping, and the meal cooking process in and of itself.

2. Purple Carrot

Similar to Blue Apron, Purple Carrot is a cooking delivery company. However, Purple Carrot is solely plant based with every recipe containing 100% vegan ingredients. Purple Carrot delivers its pre-portioned meals every week throughout the West Coast, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast regions of the U.S. Pricing of Purple Carrot's meal plans varies between 1-2 person plans costing $68 a week (3 recipes) to 3-4 person plans costing $74 a week (two recipes). This cooking delivery service is an awesome option for dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan consumers. (There are a lot of gluten-free options as well.) Plus, Purple Carrot has no hidden fees and does not charge tax or any additional shipping.

1. HelloFresh

HelloFresh is yet another cooking delivery service that prides itself on sending customers affordable and nutrient rich recipes and ingredients. Prepare homemade delicious and healthy meals in your home without ever having to step foot into a grocery store. HelloFresh currently delivers to the District of Columbia as well as 48 states (unfortunately, no delivery to Alaska or Hawaii). There are three meal plans to choose from within HelloFresh which consists of The Classic Plan, The Veggie Plan, or the Family Plan. The Classic Plan offers 3-5 meals per week which can serve 2 - 4 people depending on the amount chosen, pricing is between $60 - $120 for this option. The Veggie Plan is meat free and offers 3 meals per week which can serve 2 - 4 people depending on the amount chosen, pricing is between $60 -$120 for this option. The Family Plan allows you two choose any 2 - 3 meals per week which serves 4 people, pricing is between $70 - $105 for this option. The average price of a HelloFresh meal ranges from $9 - $10 per person per meal dependent upon your chosen plan. HelloFresh is a valuable option for those looking to prepare fresh and simple meals quickly and conveniently. Plus, HelloFresh delivers to more states than any other service listed.