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The Best Tacos In San Antonio

When one thinks of San Antonio one thinks of Tex-Mex cooking. Typically in other Texas cities most restaurants make their tortillas by hand. Here's some of San Antonio's leading culinary restaurants to check out taco haunts.


This restaurant Cascabel Mexican Patio is a daytime favorite and great Mexican cuisine. The flavors are fresh. Try the soap de fideo,which is vermicelli noodle soup. Another favorite is the taco truck Tacos El Regio and you will find its location on North St. Mary's near a male strip club. The tacos are like eating in Mexico City and many San Antonio's find the flavors reminiscent of their historic home.

Bexar Pub

El Milagrito serves excellent breakfast tacos especially the pork chop taco with guacamole. The pica de gallo, which is ground beef and tomato stew with beans and cheese is also a must try. The restaurant is large and busy as you will find at least 60 people dining here. Los Roberto's Taco Shop is great for to go orders. Try the crispy lingua which is beef tongue taco and the car neatest burrito is also good. It has great fresh salsas with all kinds of differing spices. Mezcaleria Mixtli is also great for pork belly tacos.

Jason Dady Restaurant Group

If you're looking for old guard Tex-Mex try Los Barrios on Blanco. This is a typical iconic San Antonio style of Mexican food. They make handmade corn tortillas. Order the classic being and chorizo taco with pico de gallo. The Carne Asada taquitos de pueblo is great. Also try tlavudas, which is Mexican pizza and torta. The margaritas are excellent. For late-night try Los Robertos, which has killer, shredded beef crispy tacos for three dollars. If you only have a short time to eat try the lingua and adobaba.

La Gloria/the Fruteria

Roy's Taco Hut is on the west side of San Antonio and has great chicharron guisado, which is stewed fried pork rinds on flour tortillas. Down the street is Tacos Martinez, which is great for lingua tacos. On Fredericksburg Road there is Garcia's. Try the barbados, lingua and machacado, which is, shredded dry beef with scrambled eggs. There is a bone in pork chop taco and this restaurant is a great family working together environment. It feels like a home with hospitality and just down-home good cooking. There is a barbecue pit in the back where they make a signature brisket taco.


There is a chicken place on Rigsby that is called Pollos Asado Los Nortenos. There are always 20 people in line but they do amazing char grilled chicken. It is busy, crazy and cheap. You get salsa, tortillas, limes and beans with your order. You typically end up ordering 1/2 or an entire whole chicken. M.K. Davis is a great taco place with big schooners of beer and good crispy cheese stuffed hotdogs that are rolled in corn tortillas and fried.


San Antonio is very close to the border but typically restaurants here cater to what people eat. Boucherie is great for pig face tacos.

The tortilla is what makes a good taco and no one usually makes them out of nixtamal. Mezcaleria makes pork belly tacos and huarache. This word is slang for flip-flops or sandals. The base is made of corn masa, and shaped into the huarache and formed by hand and then pan-fried in lard. You end up with a platform and finish it with black beans, roasted pork belly, queasy fresco, cream, pico de gallo, micro cilantro and salsa.

The Cookhouse

Taquitos West Ave's al pastor tacos are delicious. They use tromp with pineapple and finish the meat on the griddle. Try the tripas. They cook them tender and finish them on the plancha, which gives it a crunchy texture and caramelized flavor. They are then topped with radish, lime, cucumber, onions and cilantro. You feel like you're at a taco stall in Rosarito or Tijuana.